Zach Morvant

Photo by Jonathan Koshi

Photo by Jonathan Koshi


Sweep Categories: Speed - Men, Fundraising

What was the race equipment you used? 
When I first raced in 2011, I was on my track bike with a Timbuk2 shoulder bag. Since then I've usually ridden some kind of aluminum road bike. I wear a Chrome Warsaw backpack to hold most of my stuff, and a hip bag to hold my receipts and snacks.

Why is the Sweep important to you? 
I think I'm an incredibly fortunate person, so it's important to try to give back. The SF-Marin Food Bank does a fantastic job of feeding people in our own backyard, and if I can help their mission while having a bit of fun doing it, that's awesome! While I love a good street race, that's why I also started participating in the fundraising category a couple years back. Bringing in 75lbs of food on your back is cool, but if I can raise a bunch of extra cash too, that means more meals for folks who need them.

Biggest thing you've learned since the first time you participated in the Sweep? 
Like any alleycat, routing rules and speed serves – but you need to be paying extra special attention to elevation as the race goes on and your bag gets heavier.

Favorite Sweep moment/memory? 
Oh man! There are so many. Winning the men's speed category in 2013 was pretty rad, because Adam is a consistently dominant and smart opponent. But last year, flying toward the beach mid-race, backpack already heavy with food, and having the sky open up with rain – all while thinking "man, I must really love doing this" – is something I'll vividly remember for a while.

Can you share a tip for someone considering racing speed or fundraising for the first time? 
For speed: Have a good system for keeping track of your receipts! I got disqualified in 2011 for losing one receipt. Never again (I hope). For fundraising: start early! There are a few steps to setting up your donation page and approval can take a day or two, so don't wait til the last minute.