Dollars for Dinners Overview

 Illustration by Jonathan Koshi.

Illustration by Jonathan Koshi.

The Supermarket Street Sweep is a cycling event, but we have another way for you to participate - without a bike! Fundraise and win in our Dollars for Dinners competition. 

Every $1 you donate can help the SF-Marin Food Bank provide 2 meals.

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Step 1

Click here to register. If you have participated in the fundraising challenge in the past, you may log into your existing account.

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Step 2

Create a team page. Returning users must also create a new team page. Click on "Create a team page"

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Step 3

In the Campaign dropdown menu, select "Supermarket Street Sweep 12"

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Step 4

Complete your Team Page > Save Team Page


Track your team's progress on this leaderboard. The total amount recorded by 4:00PM on race day will be counted toward your team's ranking for the Dollars for Dinners competition.