Sean Sevilla

Photo by Jonathan Koshi

Photo by Jonathan Koshi


Sweep Categories: Cargo - Men, Fundraising

What is your race equipment for the Supermarket Street Sweep?
I did my first few sweeps borrowing my friend Jacob's Project Rwanda Coffee Bike.  He did a lot of work supporting this organization through fundraising and direct volunteer work while it was active, and had a sample cargo bike they had disseminated to coffee farmers in Rwanda.  That thing was a beast and we loaded 400+ lbs. on it.  One year I won the cargo bike category and my prize was a prototype Xtracycle EdgeRunner frame that has since become my steed of choice.

Why is the Sweep important to you?
It's a fun event that supports a fantastic organization.  It's a great way to engage the bike community into helping those in need (while having a lot of fun on the side!), and it's something I look forward to supporting every year.

What is the biggest thing you've learned since the first time you participated in the Sweep?How not to load 600 lbs. on a single bike at once and carry it at least 2 miles.  Haven't quite figured that out yet.  Every year I get closer.

Favorite Sweep moment/memory?
Taco-ing my frame while carrying 650+ lbs. for more than a mile from the food bank last year.  I still managed to single-handedly drag the bike to the food bank under the time limit, but I trailed a path of beans down a few streets in San Francisco!

Can you share a tip for someone considering racing cargo or fundraising for the first time?Borrow a Bikes-at-Work cargo trailer from someone you know!  These can easily carry 400+ lbs. of food without breaking a sweat.  Also, go through the listed stops on the manifest as fast as you can since carrying that last load of cargo from your last store back to the food-bank can take more than an hour.