Jess Chan

Photo by Derek Yarra

Photo by Derek Yarra


Sweep Category: Speed - Women

What was the race equipment you used?
In 2017 I raced on my gravel bike with a large messenger backpack.

You’ve launched your own bike bag line, will you be using one of your own bags this year?
That depends on what bike I plan on riding this year. If I ride my basket bike, I will for sure. But I might end up riding my gravel bike again because it rides faster. If I do ride my gravel bike, I'll put a frame bag that I custom made for that bike as extra storage.  

Why is the Sweep important to you?
The Sweep is important to me because all the time we hear about how expensive it is to live in San Francisco and how those of lower income keep having to leave even though their families have been here for generations. If they struggle to even live here, most likely they struggle with even just putting food on the table. No one should have to go to bed on an empty stomach.  It's so important to look out for those in our own community. These people are often overlooked, which is a shame, because they're truly the backbone of our community. 

Favorite Sweep moment/memory?
My favorite Sweep memory probably has to be my first Sweep. It was raining on and off that year and I have no idea what I was doing or where I was suppose to go. More seasoned Sweep racers helped me out, which was awesome. I did pretty poorly in terms of how many points I got, but it was super fun to race around the city and it got me hooked. 

Biggest thing you’ve learned since the first time you participated in the Sweep? 
The biggest thing that I've learned since my first Sweep almost 4 years ago, was to plan the most efficient route around where the stores are located and how many points they're worth. Instead of just bouncing around to stores, it's better to have a game plan but also to be flexible should something happen.

Any tips for someone considering racing speed or fundraising for the first time? 
While it is a race, it's really important to remember to have fun and that we're doing this to give back to those in our community. Even if at the end of the race your contribution is smaller than you wanted, every little bit counts and those in need will be forever grateful. :)