Ivy Young

Photo by Derek Yarra

Photo by Derek Yarra


Sweep Category: Cargo - Women

What was the race equipment you used?
The first year I used my Frances Cycles front load cargo by itself, the second year I used the Frances cargo plus attached a Bikes at Work trailer.  I have these great stacking bins that I use for work and they fit perfectly on the cargo platform and on the trailer. 

What’s the most you’ve carried on your cargo bike?
I own Santa Cruz Community Compost Co so I regularly haul 600-900 lbs in a day in two or three trips.  The most I've hauled in a single load with a cargo bike/trailer combo is 416 lbs.  (not recommended!)  The sweep is special though cause you've got to be fast too!

Why is the Sweep important to you?
The Sweep was the first bike race I ever tried.  I didn't feel like I was a competitive person and mostly wanted to race to have fun, meet new people, show off my utilitarian dream bike and support a rad cause.  It feels amazing to show people what's possible on a bike.  I love seeing everyone's set ups, their bags, panniers, racks...It's all so creative.  There's really nothing better than creative people on bikes.  

Favorite Sweep moment/memory?
The first year I didn't own a smartphone so I printed out a paper google map with all the grocery stores in SF on it and all the greenways as well.  I had never ridden from the Marina to Nob Hill and somehow ended up riding through the Broadway tunnel.  It was a miracle that I found the last couple stores because I didn't print my map big enough.  Oh yeah, and there was one hill I couldn't make it up fully loaded so I had to park at the bottom and run my buckets of food up one by one, then ride up and reload them.  I think made it to the finish with only 4 minutes to spare.

Biggest thing you’ve learned since the first time you participated in the Sweep? 
Bring a super easy lock!  The first year I had one with an awkward key and it really slowed me down.  The second year I brought an easy combo lock.  If you're traveling in a group you can always get someone to stay out with your bike, but I like to go my own pace so the combo lock was essential.