Fundraising Overview

 Illustration by Jonathan Koshi.

Illustration by Jonathan Koshi.


The Supermarket Street Sweep is a cycling event, but we have another way for you to participate - without a bike! Fundraise and win in our Dollars for Dinners competition. 

Every $1 you donate can help the SF-Marin Food Bank provide 2 meals.


Track fundraising progress on the leaderboard!

If you are participating in the fundraising competition, the total amount recorded by 4:00PM on race day will be counted toward your team’s ranking.

Are donations tax deductible?
Those who make a financial contribution through the fundraising website will receive an acknowledgement letter with the tax ID information emailed to them (or mailed if they write a check).

For food donations (food purchased by riders during the Sweep) – the SFMFB can provide a letter with their tax ID, and riders can submit that letter and any receipts for tax purposes.